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    We are providing best self storage and business storage services . All our storage units, including our self storage shed, are designed to make storing any goods easy, with the best self storage, the highest level of security, and affordable prices.

    We are offering storage units services in 14 locations in Queensland and Northern New South Wales, we have a Self Storage Location near you.

    If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call our onsite offices, or Get in touch using the details on our contact page. We welcome personal inspection to discuss your self storage needs and requirements for self storage in Queensland.

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    Conveniently Located

    Conveniently Located

    We have a Guardian Self Storage facility close by. We have self storage facility in Deception Bay, Kallangur, North Lakes, Sunshine Coast/Caloundra, Rockhampton, We have 2 sites in Toowoomba: Wilsonton & Toowoomba, Redbank Plains and we are in Ballina and Woolgoolga. The latest to join the list are Gympie and Redbank Plains - Springfield

    Leading Storage Security

    Leading Storage Security

    Along with CCTV, security lighting and fencing and electronic gates, only authorised storers are provided with pin code access to ensure only these people can enter the premises. You have your own secure storage unit at Guardian Self Storage for which you hold the Key. Access times are clearly shown on the Security gates. Guardian Self Storage is the the best storage units near me.

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    Provided there’s availability, you’re welcome to move in immediately. Reach out to us within our business hours, and we will be happy to help you with your storage needs in Queensland and New South Wales.

    Finding safe and secure storage for your belongings someone external to your home and property is simple with a self storage facility. Compared to private citizens, businesses are able to access much more benefits when it comes to self storage, but this can make it hard to understand just how useful self storage can be for businesses. Luckily, working with Guardian Self Storage, the Queensland and New South Wales self storage team preferred by businesses, can help you wrap your head around how we can help you a little bit faster. Find out more about the storage options offered by our facilities by filling out our enquiry form.

    Choosing to utilise a self storage service will allow business to benefit from the advantages offered by these services. Safely storing archived business files in a secure, off-site, and centralised location is exceptionally easy with a self storage unit. Business customers at Guardian Self Storage can even benefit from a managed warehouse unit, which can help you access a warehouse solution for your business at a lower price point. With expanded capacities for storing inventory, supplies, and stock, your business will be able to achieve a higher turn-over in the same time period. As a final benefit, the off-site storage of inventory and stock is an additional protection against theft, as in most cases, the location of your storage shed is not advertised. There are a wide variety of benefits available to business customers of self storage units.

    Saving space inside your storage unit can be easy with vacuum-sealed bags. Whether mould can grow inside of these vacuum-sealed bags or not, though, isn’t always common knowledge. Luckily, the preferred choice for Queensland and New South Wales self storage, Guardian Self Storage, is able to help you understand everything about vacuum-sealing, including the risk of mould. No matter what kind of storage you require, your local team can help you – complete our enquiry form today to get in touch with our friendly team.

    Vacuum-sealers aren’t entirely able to remove the oxygen from storage bags, enabling the growth of mould. Oxygen is necessary for the survival of the microorganism responsible for the growth of mould, which means that in an environment of an absolute vacuum, no mould can grow. The growth of mould in a vacuum-sealed bag is possible, though, as the majority of the vacuum-sealers available on the market will leave behind roughly 0.5% of the oxygen originally in the bag. Using a candle to remove that oxygen would prevent the growth of mould, but it would also damage and burn the items being stored in the bag at the same time. Introducing an alternative atmosphere to the bag, like one made of CO2, is also an alternative solution, but this requires equipment most people do not have access to. The best way to prevent mould from growing inside of your vacuum-sealed bags is to simply make sure your items aren’t moist when you seal them, and then air them occasionally.

    Due to the unusual shapes and sizes of the items, it can be difficult to ensure that pillows and bedding are effectively packed into a storage unit. Vacuum-sealing these items, then, becomes a tempting solution, but in most cases, that may not be the best solution possible. Luckily, knowing how to best store your belongings, including determining when vacuum-sealing is appropriate, is as easy as turning to the local choice for self storage Queensland and New South Wales, Guardian Self Storage. Reach out to our team via our enquiry form to find out what storage solution will best suit your requirements.

    It can be dangerous to vacuum-seal your bedding and pillows before storage, particularly if feathers were used to construct those items. You’ll be left with a lumpy and uncomfortable pillow or duvet after the force of the vacuum breaks the quills of the feathers used inside of them. Purchasing additional storage space is typically the best solution to being unable to store your bedding inside of your storage unit, especially if you have already vacuum-sealed everything that it is safe to do so. Ensure that your bedding is as clean and flat as it possibly can be, and then make sure that you are folding it effectively before placing it into storage. Airing your bedding regularly is also important during storage, which is a task that becomes much harder if the bedding is put into a vacuum-sealed bag. You risk damaging your bedding, especially any bedding made out of feathers, when you place them into a vacuum-sealed bag.

    Fitting everything neatly into your storage unit can be made a lot simpler if you decide to vacuum-seal everything. But while it can help store difficult-to-store items like pillows, clothes, and sheets, vacuum-sealing some items can cause harm, which means you need to know when you can and can’t vacuum-seal your belongings. Fortunately, determining when a vacuum-sealer is and isn’t right for you is simple with Guardian Self Storaged, the number one choice for Queensland and New South Wales self storage. Whatever your storage needs, your local storage facility can help – fill out our enquiry form to get started today.

    There are some items that should never be vacuum-sealed, particularly if you need to store them for a long time. Materials like cloth and fabrics contain fibres that require air to maintain their natural structure, and so leaving them in vacuum-sealed bags for more than a month at a time can quickly become quite damaging. Irreparable damage can be caused when the lack of air causes the materials to crease and warp. As the normal operation of some items, such as sleeping bags, fluffy coats, and insulated jackets requires that they contain air, vacuum-sealing these items is also inherently dangerous, and a bad idea. Lastly, vacuum-sealing leather can cause the material to crack and wrinkle, so leather jackets and any similar items should also never be left in a vacuum-sealed bag. Storing your belongings requires careful care be paid, and you should avoid vacuum-sealing some items to prevent damage from occurring.

    While it can be beneficial to vacuum seal your items before you place them into storage, it isn’t always the best choice. Learning when to vacuum seal your items, though, is simple with Guardian Self Storage, the preferred choice for all self storage Queensland and New South Wales. No matter what kind of storage you require, your local team can help you – complete our enquiry form today to get in touch with our friendly team.

    Items left in storage long-term should not be vacuum-sealed. The space available inside of your unit can be maximised by way of vacuum-sealing bedding, clothes, and other hard-to-fold items. Fabrics can be damaged or ruined if they are left in vacuum-sealed bags for too long, as the lack of atmosphere inside of the bags can cause the fibres in the fabrics to compress. Instead, clothes, bedding, and all other fabrics that are being stored long-term would be better treated inside of an air-tight storage container. Do not attempt to vacuum-seal large and bulky items or anything that won’t benefit from vacuum-sealing, such as office supplies or antique furniture.

    In most cases, the clothes in your home are kept in comfortable conditions, which means that most people have never found that mould has grown on the clothes they have left in the closet. Some customers find themselves concerned about clothes left in storage, though, as it is still possible for mould to grow on clothes, despite how difficult it may be. Thankfully, your mould-related concerns can be put to rest with a little help from Guardian Self Storage, the local choice for self storage Queensland and New South Wales. Learn more about our storage options by getting in touch with your friendly local storage team via our enquiry form.

    Protecting your clothes in storage from mould is usually a simple process. To grow properly, mould needs an environment that is extremely humid and moist. As such, cleaning and drying all of your items is all you need to make sure that mould cannot grow on them. The simplest solution to the growth of mould on clothes, then, is to give them a thorough wash and then properly dring them before they are stored away. Physically inspect each article of clothing as you fold them to put them away – only put them away if they are dry. Furthermore, the growth of mould can be inhibited by making sure that air can flow freely between boxes in storage.

    It is vital that a storage facility be as secure as it can be. Where cameras and gates are strong and convenient security options, locks on every storage unit that only facility staff can open can quickly become a nuisance. Thankfully, if you would like easy access to your storage unit while still retaining the security of a lock, you won’t have to look any further than Guardian Self Storage, the preferred choice for self storage in Queensland and New South Wales. All of our facilities offer something unique – get in touch with your local facility via our enquiry form to find out more about how they can help your storage needs.

    It is important that all Guardian Self Storage customers supply their own lock. Your security needs will be met comfortably by either a padlock or combination lock, which is why they are the usual recommendations from our team. Both of these locks can also be removed by a locksmith, with some effort, if a customer should lose either their combination or their key, making them more convenient. In most cases, our staff cannot access your unit, as the keys and combinations are the customer’s responsibility. Business customers, though, can negotiate access with our staff case-by-case to allow us to offer them a managed storage unit solution. Clients, not our team, lock all of the storage units in our facilities.