Secure and Affordable Storage Units

6 Major BenefitsOf Short-Term or Temporary Storage

Are you selling your home or want to renovate it? Or are you moving abroad? In both situations, you need a safe & secure place to store your luxurious items. For home renovation, temporary storage units are essential. Fortunately, several storage companies offer temporary and premium services. Short-term storage is one of the best and convenient options to store furniture, documents, and other antiques. Guardian Self Storage professionals will keep your items safe from weather damage as well as from thieves. All temporary storage units have an air-conditioning system, CCTV camera, security alarms, and lighting system for protection. If you get stuck between homes, try the premium facilities of temporary storage units. Continue reading to know the potential benefits of short-term storage.


All the storage companies offer portable and hassle-free exercises to move items. There is no need for a truck or trailer to move items. The service provider will come with their vans to collect goods and deliver them again safely. Also, they will deliver the sensitive items to the destination securely.

Moving Stock & Equipment

Using a perfect solution for keeping the home items safe is essential. Almost all the storage suppliers offer a delivery system with safety. By hiring a professional supplier, you can save your time for packing and the cost of delivering.

When you call the storage provider company like ours in Kawana, they will come to pack items. After that, they will call their collection unit to collect items in vans. The temporary storage unit will give you peace of mind with the security and safety of your items.

The Right Size For The Job

One of the primary advantages of short-term storage is the adjustable size. Our Kawana Self Storage offer cabins and units of various sizes. You can choose the right compartment according to your requirements. Larger containers have higher costs. If you want to place documents and fragile items temporarily, then you can choose a smaller unit. However, for placing furniture and other heavy home things, you need the biggest storage units. The storage units have a climate control system. There is no need to think about weather-related issues and damage. Choose the right size unit for storing and save money.


Sometimes it happens when we are out of space. Whether it is home or office, you need a comfortable space to move around. By choosing storage space you can maximize your space. And, if you are going to renovate your home, then there is no good option other than a storage unit.

Multiple people around you will give an idea to move furniture to the middle of the room for renovation. Though it is a great idea but can cause damage to sensitive items.


The temporary storage units offer high security with theft alarms and CCTV cameras. Also, these units are water-resistant and less prone to weather damage, though they may still fall victim to extreme weather events. In general, though, there is no need to panic that the local rodents team will munch away at your valuables.


No to worry about hidden costs when hiring a temporary storage unit. The service provider will show you a lease agreement form with rent before sign. You will pay the same quoted amount at the end.