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    Premium Self Storage Units in Deception Bay, Queensland, & New South Wales

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    The affordable self storage near Deception Bay that Guardian Self Storage offers is extremely competitive. There are no upfront administration fees at Guardian Self Storage, which makes storing your items extremely easy. Further, not having lock-in contracts ensures it's even easier to store with us.

    Number 1 Choice For Self Storage In Deception Bay

    We perform regular cleaning and pest control to ensure our storage facility remains clean and free of pests at all times. You can expect your storage requirements to be individually addressed by our onsite manager to the best of their abilities.

    Closest Self Storage Near Deception Bay

    Now a part of the Guardian Self Storage network, Deception Bay Self Storage is one of the many sites we manage. Queensland and Northern New South Wales' storage providers of choice, Guardian Self Storage, can now provide our renowned level of quality to those needing storage in Deception Bay.


    • Individual pin code access makes customer access convenient

    • Units are secure with 24/7 CCTV monitoring & regular manager security walkthroughs

    • 7 day access, 5:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

    • Multi-level facility, with units ranging from 1.5m x 1.5m to 3m x 9m

    • Onsite manager

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Self Storage Solutions in Queensland & New South Wales

    Immediate move-in is possible, subject to availability. Reach out to us within our business hours, and we will be happy to help you with your storage needs in Deception Bay.

    Storing your private belongings safely and securely while keeping them external to your home or property is simple enough with a self storage unit. Compared to private citizens, businesses are able to access much more benefits when it comes to self storage, but this can make it hard to understand just how useful self storage can be for businesses. Thankfully, Guardian Self Storage, the preferred team for Deception Bay self storage, has been working with businesses for a long time, and we understand exactly how our service can be of use to you. Get in touch with our team via our enquiry form to make a start finding the right storage solution for your needs.

    Choosing to utilise a self storage service will allow business to benefit from the advantages offered by these services. As storage facilities are secure, off-site, and centralised, they can provide a convenient storage location for any business that needs to store archived business records. Business customers at Guardian Self Storage can even benefit from a managed warehouse unit, which can help you access a warehouse solution for your business at a lower price point. Your business can handle more customers at once with a storage unit, which would allow for expanded storage capacities for supplies, inventory, and stock. The risk of theft and damage also decreases when you use a storage shed, as there is generally no reason to advertise the location of your particular shed to the public. There are a wide variety of benefits available to business customers of self storage units.

    You can save some space when you use vacuum-sealed bags to organise your storage unit and the items inside of it. Whether mould can grow inside of these vacuum-sealed bags or not, though, isn’t always common knowledge. Fortunately, here at Guardian Self Storage, we understand everything about Deception Bay self storage, and we can help outline the risks of vacuum-sealing. Learn more about our storage options by getting in touch with your friendly local storage team via our enquiry form.

    Vacuum-sealers aren’t entirely able to remove the oxygen from storage bags, enabling the growth of mould. No mould can grow in an absolute vacuum, as the oxygen required for the survival of the microorganism responsible is not present. The growth of mould in a vacuum-sealed bag is possible, though, as the majority of the vacuum-sealers available on the market will leave behind roughly 0.5% of the oxygen originally in the bag. Burning away the remaining atmosphere inside the bag can be done with a candle, but it will also damage your property while doing so, and is in-advisable. Introducing an alternative atmosphere to the bag, like one made of CO2, is also an alternative solution, but this requires equipment most people do not have access to. Preventing mould from growing inside of your vacuum-sealed bags doesn’t need to be this difficult, however; simply air the items routinely, and ensure they are not moist when they are placed inside of the mag.

    Owing to the fact that these items typically take irregular shapes and sizes, making sure that bedding and pillows are effectively packed into a storage unit is usually an exceptionally difficult taks. Vacuum-sealing these items, then, becomes a tempting solution, but in most cases, that may not be the best solution possible. Fortunately, the team here at Guardian Self Storage are experts in all matters related to self storage Deception Bay, and we can help you decide when it is best to vacuum-seal your belongings before you put them into storage. Learn more about our storage options by getting in touch with your friendly local storage team via our enquiry form.

    It can be dangerous to vacuum-seal your bedding and pillows before storage, particularly if feathers were used to construct those items. Any feathers present in these items will have their quills broken by the vacuum, and you’ll be left with lump and uncomfortable duvets and pillows. Purchasing additional storage space is typically the best solution to being unable to store your bedding inside of your storage unit, especially if you have already vacuum-sealed everything that it is safe to do so. As a final effort to attempt to fit the bedding into your storage unit, you can attempt to fold it more effectively, and you can make sure it is entirely clean and flat beforehand. It is difficult and inconvenient to open and reseal vacuum-sealed bags, but you need to make sure that your bedding is aired regularly during storage, which is hard to do when it is placed into such bags. You risk damaging your bedding, especially any bedding made out of feathers, when you place them into a vacuum-sealed bag.

    Making sure all of your belongings fit into a storage unit can be made much simpler with the help of a vacuum-sealer. But while it can help store difficult-to-store items like pillows, clothes, and sheets, vacuum-sealing some items can cause harm, which means you need to know when you can and can’t vacuum-seal your belongings. Thankfully, the leading team for Deception Bay self storage, Guardian Self Storage, can help you understand exactly when you should consider using a vacuum-sealer for your items, and when it would be best not to. Complete our enquiry form to learn everything you need to know about the storage options offered by your local storage team.

    There are some items that should never be vacuum-sealed, particularly if you need to store them for a long time. Leaving materials like fabrics and cloth in a vacuum-sealed bag deprives the fibres in these materials of the air they need to retain their natural structure, and damage can arise as early as one month later. Irreparable damage can be caused when the lack of air causes the materials to crease and warp. Additionally, insulated jackets, fluffy coats, and sleeping bags should never be vacuum-sealed, as the normal operation of these items requires them to contain air. Leaving leather jackets and other items made of leather in a vacuum-sealed bag will also cause the material to begin to crack and wrinkle, which can quickly cause damage and should not be done. Storing your belongings requires careful care be paid, and you should avoid vacuum-sealing some items to prevent damage from occurring.

    Though it can be beneficial upon occasion, it isn’t always the best choice to vacuum seal your items before placing them into storage. Learning when to vacuum seal your items, though, is simple with Guardian Self Storage, the preferred choice for all self storage Deception Bay. Each of our facilities managers would love to help you find the right storage solutions for your needs – complete our enquiry form today to get in touch with our team. Vacuum-sealing your items can help save space, but it is only best to do so for short-term storage. The space available inside of your unit can be maximised by way of vacuum-sealing bedding, clothes, and other hard-to-fold items. When they are left in vacuum-sealed bags for too long, fabrics will become damaged, if not ruined, as the fibres in the fabric will become compressed due to the lack of atmosphere. Instead, clothes, bedding, and all other fabrics that are being stored long-term would be better treated inside of an air-tight storage container. Office supplies, antique furniture, and other larger, bulky items that won’t benefit from vacuum-sealing should not be vacuum-sealed.

    Because people typically keep their clothes at home in comfortable conditions, the misfortune of removing an article of clothing from the closet only to find it consumed by mould is only experienced by the unlucky few. Some customers find themselves concerned about clothes left in storage, though, as it is still possible for mould to grow on clothes, despite how difficult it may be. Fortunately, the team here at Guardian Self Storage, the number one team for self storage Deception Bay, can help you ease your mind when it comes to mould. Our friendly storage teams would be more than happy to answer any storage questions you may have – to get started, fill out our enquiry form.

    Protecting your clothes in storage from mould is usually a simple process. Extremely humid and moist environments are required to allow mould to grow at a high rate. As such, cleaning and drying all of your items is all you need to make sure that mould cannot grow on them. Thoroughly washing and drying clothes, then, is the simplest solution to mould. While folding the clothes to put them into storage boxes, you can inspect each article of clothing thoroughly to make sure that they are dry – do not put them into storage if they have not been appropriately dried. Furthermore, the growth of mould can be inhibited by making sure that air can flow freely between boxes in storage.

    Storage facilities value security as a core principle. Where cameras and gates are strong and convenient security options, locks on every storage unit that only facility staff can open can quickly become a nuisance. Fortunately, here at Guardian Self Storage, the leading team for self storage in Deception Bay, we understand how to allow customers easy access to their storage units while retaining the full security benefits a lock can provide. Complete our enquiry form to learn everything you need to know about the storage options offered by your local storage team.

    It is important that all Guardian Self Storage customers supply their own lock. Our team normally recommends customers purchase either a combination lock or a padlock, either lock will meet your security requirements comfortably. Both of these locks can also be removed by a locksmith, with some effort, if a customer should lose either their combination or their key, making them more convenient. The keys and combinations to open these locks are the sole responsibility of the customer, and in most cases, your unit cannot be accessed by our staff. If a business customer would like to use a managed storage unit, however, they can provide access to our staff so that they may provide the services required. Clients, not our team, lock all of the storage units in our facilities.

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