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141 Dohles Rocks Road, Kallangur QLD 4503
Monday to Friday: 8:30am – 5:00pm 
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    The affordable self storage near Kallangur that Guardian Self Storage offers is extremely competitive. With no upfront administration fees, it is easy to store your goods with Guardian Self Storage. Further, not having lock-in contracts ensures it's even easier to store with us.

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    Keeping our storage sites clean and pest free is something that we take care to do on a regular basis. Our onsite manager is always happy to ensure your storage requirements are being met.

    Closest Self Storage Near Kallangur

    A new member of our expansive network, Kallangur Self Storage is now part of the Guardian Self Storage system. Queensland and Northern New South Wales' storage providers of choice, Guardian Self Storage, can now provide our renowned level of quality to those needing storage in Kallangur.


    • Each customer has an individual access pin code

    • Daily manager walkthroughs and 24/7 CCTV monitoring ensure the security of each unit

    • 7 day access, 6:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

    • Ground floor facility with units ranging from 1.5m x 1.5m up to 3m x 9m

    • Onsite manager

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    Self Storage Solutions in Queensland and New South Wales

    As long as we have space, you can move in without delay. Our friendly team is always ready to help you with any of your needs regarding storage in Kallangur- just give us a call today.

    Self storage provides an invaluable service to private citizens, allowing them to find safe and secure storage for their belongings externally to their home and property. It can be hard, though, to understand just how much self storage benefits businesses, as businesses can access a much more dizzying array of benefits when compared to private citizens. Fortunately, thanks to the amount of time Guardian Self Storage, the number one team for Kallangur self storage, has been working with businesses, we can help any newcomwer comprehend exactly what benefits they can gain from self storage. Contact our team on our enquiry form to find a storage solution that will be tailored to ensure your needs are being met.

    Self storage services offer a wide array of advantages to business clients. As storage facilities are secure, off-site, and centralised, they can provide a convenient storage location for any business that needs to store archived business records. Some self storage providers, such as Guardian Self Storage, can provide businesses with managed warehouse functionality, allowing for cheap access to a warehouse solution. Your business can handle more customers at once with a storage unit, which would allow for expanded storage capacities for supplies, inventory, and stock. The risk of theft and damage also decreases when you use a storage shed, as there is generally no reason to advertise the location of your particular shed to the public. When businesses choose to use self storage, they can benefit from the service in a wide range of ways.

    Storing your bedding and clothes in vacuum-sealed bags can help save space in your storage unit. Not everyone, however, is aware of whether or not mould is able to grow inside of a vacuum-sealed bag. Thankfully, the preferred team for Kallangur self storage, Guardian Self Storage, understands vacuum-sealing well, and we can outline all of the relevant risks. All of our facilities offer something unique – get in touch with your local facility via our enquiry form to find out more about how they can help your storage needs.

    The growth of mould is possible inside of vacuum-sealed bags, as vacuum-sealers cannot entirely remove the oxygen present inside of them. No mould can grow in an absolute vacuum, as the oxygen required for the survival of the microorganism responsible is not present. However, the majority of vacuum-sealed bags on the market will still be left with roughly 0.5% of the oxygen originally included in the bag, which is enough for mould to grow. Burning away the remaining atmosphere inside the bag can be done with a candle, but it will also damage your property while doing so, and is in-advisable. Instead, you could introduce an alternative atmosphere to the bag, such as one made of CO2, but that is also far too difficult for most people to actually do. Ensuring your items aren’t moist when you seal them and then airing them regularly is an excellent way to make sure that mould does not grow inside of your vacuum-sealed bags.

    Pillows and bedding can be hard to effectively pack into a storage unit, thanks to their unusual shapes and sizes. Because of this, some people become tempted by the idea of vacuum-sealing these irregular items, but that’s usually not the best solution. Thankfully, the resident experts on self storage Kallangur, Guardian Self Storage, know all about how to best store your belongings, including when vacuum-sealing is suitable. Our friendly storage teams would be more than happy to answer any storage questions you may have – to get started, fill out our enquiry form.

    Bedding and pillows, especially those made out of feathers, are prone to being damaged by being stored in vacuum-sealed bags. Any feathers present in these items will have their quills broken by the vacuum, and you’ll be left with lump and uncomfortable duvets and pillows. In most instances, if you cannot fit your bedding into storage and have already vacuum-sealed everything that is safe to do so, it is simply best to purchase additional storage space as is possible. As a final effort to attempt to fit the bedding into your storage unit, you can attempt to fold it more effectively, and you can make sure it is entirely clean and flat beforehand. It is difficult and inconvenient to open and reseal vacuum-sealed bags, but you need to make sure that your bedding is aired regularly during storage, which is hard to do when it is placed into such bags. When you store bedding, especially bedding made out of feathers, in a vacuum-sealed bag, you risk damaging your items.

    Vacuum-sealing your items can make it much easier to fit everything neatly into your storage unit. While it can make it easier to store traditionally hard-to-store items, such as pillows, sheets, and clothes, using a vacuum-sealer on your items isn’t always the right choice, though. Luckily, the preferred team for Kallangur self storage, Guardian Self Storage, is able to help you work out exactly when a vacuum-sealer is and isn’t right for you. Each of our facilities managers would love to help you find the right storage solutions for your needs – complete our enquiry form today to get in touch with our team.

    In specific cases, vacuum-sealing is the wrong choice, particularly if the item is going into storage for an extended period. Leaving materials like fabrics and cloth in a vacuum-sealed bag deprives the fibres in these materials of the air they need to retain their natural structure, and damage can arise as early as one month later. Without that air, the materials will begin to warp and crease, and your item may become irreparably damaged. Additionally, insulated jackets, fluffy coats, and sleeping bags should never be vacuum-sealed, as the normal operation of these items requires them to contain air. Leaving leather jackets and other items made of leather in a vacuum-sealed bag will also cause the material to begin to crack and wrinkle, which can quickly cause damage and should not be done. When you are storing your belongings, you should take care not to vacuum-seal certain items, particularly if you will be leaving them in storage for a long period.

    Vacuum-sealing your items before storage can be beneficial, as it protects your items from oxygen, but it isn’t always the best option. Luckily, the team here at Guardian Self Storage, the number one choice for self storage Kallangur, understand exactly when you should vacuum seal your items. Complete our enquiry form to learn everything you need to know about the storage options offered by your local storage team.

    While it can help save space, it is only best to vacuum-seal your items for short-term storage. You can maximise the space available inside of your storage unit by vacuum-sealing clothes, bedding, and other hard-to-fold items, so that they may be stored as space-efficiently as possible. When they are left in vacuum-sealed bags for too long, fabrics will become damaged, if not ruined, as the fibres in the fabric will become compressed due to the lack of atmosphere. If you need to store fabrics in a long-term arrangement but you’re worried about the space available to you, you can consider instead storing them inside of air-tight storage containers. Office supplies, antique furniture, and other larger, bulky items that won’t benefit from vacuum-sealing should not be vacuum-sealed.

    The clothes in your home are typically kept in comfortable conditions, which means most people never experience the irritation of pulling a shirt out of the closet only to find mould has grown on it. Despite that, though, it is still possible for mould to grow on clothes, and some customers can find themselves concerned about what will happen to their clothes when they are left in storage. Luckily, the preferred choice for self storage Kallangur, Guardian Self Storage, can help ease your mould-related concerns. Whatever your storage needs, your local storage facility can help – fill out our enquiry form to get started today.

    It is usually a simple process to protect clothes in storage from mould. Extremely humid and moist environments are required to allow mould to grow at a high rate. Consequentially, keeping your items free of mould is as simple as making sure they stay clean and dry. Thoroughly washing and drying clothes, then, is the simplest solution to mould. While folding the clothes to put them into storage boxes, you can inspect each article of clothing thoroughly to make sure that they are dry – do not put them into storage if they have not been appropriately dried. Additionally, also make sure you put the boxes in a layout that allows air to flow freely, as this can also help prevent the growth of mould.

    A good storage facility should be as secure as possible. That security may become inconvenient, though, if only facility staff can open the storage units. Luckily, the number one team for self storage in Kallangur, Guardian Self Storage, understands how to retain the full safety benefits of a lock while also allowing customers easy access to their unit. Get in touch with our team via our enquiry form to make a start finding the right storage solution for your needs.

    To secure their storage units, all Guardian Self Storage customers must purchase their own lock. Our team normally recommends customers purchase either a combination lock or a padlock, either lock will meet your security requirements comfortably. As an added benefit, both a padlock and a combination lock can be removed, with some effort, by a locksmith if a customer should lose either their key or their combination. The keys and combinations to open these locks are the sole responsibility of the customer, and in most cases, your unit cannot be accessed by our staff. If a business customer would like to use a managed storage unit, however, they can provide access to our staff so that they may provide the services required. In our storage facilities, all storage units are locked by the client, not our team.

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