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    Boat owners, why would you have your trailable runabout, cruiser, fishing boat, or trailer sailer parked on the street or in any other insecure space? Store your boat at our hardstand storage facility at North Lakes, near Deception Bay, Redcliffe, and Kallangur, and keep your mind at ease. It's so easy to keep your boat at our storage facility, and you can even easily take it to Moreton Bay by just turning left out of our facility onto Lipscombe Road.



    If your precious home away from home caravan, van or camper is taking up too much space in the yard or obstructing your street, then we have the storage space at our North Lakes hardstand storage facility you need. There is plenty of space available, and it's an easy turn-in from Lipscombe Road to the facility, so if you are looking for hardstand storage space at North Lakes or nearby, come and see us.

    RVs / Motorhomes

    RVs / Motorhomes

    Finding space for your mobile home can be difficult when it's as big and unwieldy as some RVs and motorhomes can be. Putting it in your front yard will block your view, putting it on your street will block your neighbours, and putting it up for sale just because you have nowhere to put it is a tragedy. Instead, store your motorhome at our hardstand storage facility at North Lakes, conveniently located near Dakabin, Kallangur, and Petrie, with an easy turn into the facility from Lipscombe Road.



    Just because your business is experiencing some downtime doesn't mean you have to leave your machinery, backhoes, bobcats, and trailers scattered at insecure places. Guardian Self Storage North Lakes hardstand facility is ideal for tractors, excavators and more. With a convenient location for storage near Beachmere, Burpengary, and Narangba as well as easy access to the facility from Lipscombe Road, storing your heavy machinery has never been easier. We welcome inspections.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Self Storage Solutions in Queensland & New South Wales

    Immediate move-in is possible, subject to availability. If you contact us during our operating hours, we can assist you with your storage requirements in North Lakes.

    Storing your private belongings safely and securely while keeping them external to your home or property is simple enough with a self storage unit. Business customers of self storage units, though, are able to access a much more expansive list of benefits, and at first, it can be hard to understand just how much self storage benefits business. Comprehending how businesses can benefit from self storage, though, is simple with a little help from Guardian Self Storage, the preferred team for North Lakes self storage. Contact our team on our enquiry form to find a storage solution that will be tailored to ensure your needs are being met.

    Businesses who choose to utilise self storage will benefit from the range of advantages that the service can provide. For any business that needs to archive their files regularly, self storage facilities are secure, off-site, and centralised locations that allow those files to be stored safely. Some self storage providers, such as Guardian Self Storage, can provide businesses with managed warehouse functionality, allowing for cheap access to a warehouse solution. Your business can handle more customers at once with a storage unit, which would allow for expanded storage capacities for supplies, inventory, and stock. The risk of theft and damage also decreases when you use a storage shed, as there is generally no reason to advertise the location of your particular shed to the public. Business clients of self storage facilities benefit in a variety of manners.

    You can save some space when you use vacuum-sealed bags to organise your storage unit and the items inside of it. For some, though, the question of whether or not mould can grow inside of these bags needs to be considered seriously. Understanding the risk of mould in vacuum-sealing, though, is an easy task, thanks to a little help from the number one solution for all North Lakes self storage, Guardian Self Storage. All of our facilities offer something unique – get in touch with your local facility via our enquiry form to find out more about how they can help your storage needs.

    Mould requires oxygen to grow, but vacuum-sealers aren’t able to entirely remove the oxygen from the storage bags. The microorganism responsible for the growth of mould requires oxygen to grow, and cannot grow in an absolute vacuum. However, the majority of vacuum-sealed bags on the market will still be left with roughly 0.5% of the oxygen originally included in the bag, which is enough for mould to grow. Burning away the remaining atmosphere inside the bag can be done with a candle, but it will also damage your property while doing so, and is in-advisable. Though it requires equipment that most people do not have access to, it is possible to prevent the growth of mould inside of a vacuum-sealed bag by replacing the remaining oxygen content with another gas, such as CO2. Preventing mould from growing inside of your vacuum-sealed bags doesn’t need to be this difficult, however; simply air the items routinely, and ensure they are not moist when they are placed inside of the mag.

    Owing to the fact that these items typically take irregular shapes and sizes, making sure that bedding and pillows are effectively packed into a storage unit is usually an exceptionally difficult taks. Consequently, many are tempted to vacuum-seal these items, though that may not always be the correct solution. Guardian Self Storage, the preferred team for self storage North Lakes, can make it easy to understand how best to store your items, and we can even help you determine when a vacuum-sealer would be appropriate. Our friendly storage teams would be more than happy to answer any storage questions you may have – to get started, fill out our enquiry form.

    Vacuum-sealing bedding and pillows before storage can be dangerous, especially if the bedding is made out of feathers. The force of the vacuum can break the quills of the feathers used to create bedding, which will result in your pillow or duvet becoming lumpy and uncomfortable. In most instances, if you cannot fit your bedding into storage and have already vacuum-sealed everything that is safe to do so, it is simply best to purchase additional storage space as is possible. As a final effort to attempt to fit the bedding into your storage unit, you can attempt to fold it more effectively, and you can make sure it is entirely clean and flat beforehand. It is difficult and inconvenient to open and reseal vacuum-sealed bags, but you need to make sure that your bedding is aired regularly during storage, which is hard to do when it is placed into such bags. By using a vacuum-sealed bag to store your bedding, particularly any bedding that is made of feathers, then you risk damaging the item.

    Making sure all of your belongings fit into a storage unit can be made much simpler with the help of a vacuum-sealer. The bulky items that are traditionally harder to store, such as clothes, pillows, and sheets, can all be stacked easily after they have been vacuum-sealed, but that doesn’t mean that should always be the first thing you do before storage. The local experts in North Lakes self storage, Guardian Self Storage, are more than capable of helping you determine when a vacuum-sealer is right for you. Each of our facilities managers would love to help you find the right storage solutions for your needs – complete our enquiry form today to get in touch with our team.

    Some items should never be vacuum-sealed, especially for extended periods. Cloth and fabrics in particular can be damaged if they are left in a vacuum-sealed bag for more than a month, as the fibres within these materials typically require air to maintain their natural structure. Without that air, the materials will begin to warp and crease, and your item may become irreparably damaged. Additionally, insulated jackets, fluffy coats, and sleeping bags should never be vacuum-sealed, as the normal operation of these items requires them to contain air. Leaving leather jackets and other items made of leather in a vacuum-sealed bag will also cause the material to begin to crack and wrinkle, which can quickly cause damage and should not be done. Vacuum-sealing some items can cause damage to occur, and so it is best to avoid vacuum-sealing these items.

    Though it can be beneficial upon occasion, it isn’t always the best choice to vacuum seal your items before placing them into storage. Thankfully, the leaders in self storage North Lakes, Guardian Self Storage, understand exactly when items should be vacuum sealed, and we can pass that knowledge on to you. Learn more about our storage options by getting in touch with your friendly local storage team via our enquiry form.

    While it can help save space, it is only best to vacuum-seal your items for short-term storage. Bedding, clothes, and other hard-to-fold items can be vacuum-sealed to ensure they are stored as space-efficiently as possible, which can help maximise the space available in your unit. However, the lack of atmosphere inside of the vacuum-sealed bags can compress the fibres in fabrics, which can damage or ruin clothes if left inside of a vacuum-sealed bag for too long. If you need to store fabrics in a long-term arrangement but you’re worried about the space available to you, you can consider instead storing them inside of air-tight storage containers. Office supplies, antique furniture, and other larger, bulky items that won’t benefit from vacuum-sealing should not be vacuum-sealed.

    Because people typically keep their clothes at home in comfortable conditions, the misfortune of removing an article of clothing from the closet only to find it consumed by mould is only experienced by the unlucky few. That doesn’t mean mould can’t grow on clothes, though, and when clothes are left in storage, some people wonder about how likely it is that their clothes will find themselves attacked by mould. Any concerns you have relating to mould, though, can be put to rest with some help from the best team for self storage North Lakes, Guardian Self Storage. Whatever your storage needs, your local storage facility can help – fill out our enquiry form to get started today.

    While it is physically possible for mould to grow on clothes in storage, protecting your clothes is simple. Mould typically grows in moist environments with high humidity. Consequentially, keeping your items free of mould is as simple as making sure they stay clean and dry. Thoroughly washing and drying clothes, then, is the simplest solution to mould. While folding the clothes to put them into storage boxes, you can inspect each article of clothing thoroughly to make sure that they are dry – do not put them into storage if they have not been appropriately dried. The boxes should also be laid out in such a way that air can flow freely between them all, as it can further prevent mould from growing.

    Storage facilities value security as a core principle. Though this usually necessitates cameras, gates, and locks, when only facility staff can open the units, customers may find the security inconvenient. Making sure your unit is secure but easily accessible is important to Guardian Self Storage, though, so if you want the best self storage in North Lakes, you won’t need to look any further than our team. Get in touch with our team via our enquiry form to make a start finding the right storage solution for your needs.

    All Guardian Self Storage customers must supply their own locks for their storage units. We typically recommend that customers choose either a padlock or a combination lock, as these locks both provide a strong solution to your security needs. As an added benefit, both a padlock and a combination lock can be removed, with some effort, by a locksmith if a customer should lose either their key or their combination. The keys and combinations to open these locks are the sole responsibility of the customer, and in most cases, your unit cannot be accessed by our staff. If a business customer would like to use a managed storage unit, however, they can provide access to our staff so that they may provide the services required. Our facilities require that clients, not our staff, lock the storage unit.

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